jef morlan - about me

In the 57 years I've studied art it's been a rewarding and varied experience. What I've found to be of the most value are the friends and colleagues I've had the pleasure to know and learn from along the way.

I'd like to thank all of you, you mean a lot to me.

So... below is my life as it relates to art.

Born - 1955 in Spokane, Washington, USA
Age - 66

the simple version
(for those who don't have much time)

I went to university, have shown in galleries, won awards, taught in university, have been published and am collected. I've studied art in Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, Paris, London, Antwerp, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice and Florence.

My works have been seen in:

Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City

(Brooklyn Academy of Music), New York

Festival Internacional de Benicassim, Benicassim, Spain

Surrey Art Gallery, BC, Canada

Thousands of Homes Around the World

the detailed version
(for those who have a lot of time)

the visual timeline
I have thousands of works in storage and have only been able to post what is easily accessible.

the timeline
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